[Zope] Urgent: acquisition and permissions question.

Gilles Lavaux gilles.lavaux@esrin.esa.it
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 16:55:41 +0200

Hello everybody

Maybe the answer is easy, but I can not find the solution:(and maybe I was
completly wrong about permissions)

I have a folder containing SQLs and methods:
and a subfolder who has his access and view security setting disable for

When anonymous access /project/index_html  he see the page : that's good.
1)When anonymous access /project/protected/index_html he also see the page.
 Is it normal?? ( the index_html is of course only inside the /project )

2)If anonymous access /project/protected/some_method_with_sql and the result
is empty, he see the result page!That's strange.
   But if the result is not empty, he get the authentication box : that's

It's zope2.2.1

So can someone explain me the rules when an unprotected object is acquired
from a protected folder??