[Zope] API documentation bug (was: [Zope] set date property from External Method)

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 22:53:45 +0200 (CEST)

Gijs Reulen writes:
 > > If you use the "PropertyManager" interface (as you should),
 > > then string values are *converted* to the correct type automatically.
 > Not so, according to my info and tests:
 > >From the Zope 2.2.1 API docs on manage_changeProperties(self, REQUEST=None,
 > **kw):
 > "... Note that no type checking or conversion happens when this method is
 > called, so it is the caller's responsibility to ensure that the updated
 > values are of the correct type. This should probably change. ..."
The API doc is old and outdated:

  Both "manage_changeProperties" and "manage_editProperties" call
  "_updateProperty". "_updateProperty" has this code:

    def _updateProperty(self, id, value):
        # Update the value of an existing property. If value
        # is a string, an attempt will be made to convert
        # the value to the type of the existing property.
        if not self.hasProperty(id):
            raise 'Bad Request', 'The property %s does not exist' % id
        if type(value)==type(''):
            proptype=self.getPropertyType(id) or 'string'
            if type_converters.has_key(proptype):
        self._setPropValue(id, value)

Thus, if you pass a string to "manage_changeProperty" or
"manage_editProperty", it is converted to the correct

A Date property uses the type "DateTime.DateTime".

 > I tried things like:
 > self.manage_changeProperties(my_prop=time.strftime('%Y/%m/%d  %H:%M:%S.000
 > GMT+1',time.localtime(time.time())))
I checked (Zope 2.2.1):


You can pass any DateTime value, too, e.g.:

   self.manage_changeProperties(my_prop= DateTime())