[Zope] JOB: Fantastic Zope position at Fortune 100 company

Paul Everitt paul@digicool.com
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 22:17:37 -0400

Hello friends.  We at Digital Creations have been pretty low-key about
promoting job announcements.  I'll break the tradition, but only to
promote someone else's job position.  The reason I'm getting involved is
the project is a Big Deal for Zope and the folks involved are great
people.  For those not interested, please grant me a "get out of jail
free" pass on this one. :^)

In the very near future, a Fortune 100 media company will launch a new
web initiative for which Zope is the content management platform.
Digital Creations has been working closely with the company on the
architecture for the project.

With the initial success, the company wants to augment its internal Zope
technical staffing.  The job opening is for someone with strong
Zope/Python skills, preferably on Linux.  Background in web design,
information architectures, and project management are beneficial.

The vision for this project is quite exciting indeed.  If any of you are
interested in a prime-time Zope position in New York City, contact me
(paul@digicool.com) and I'll pass along your contact information.

(Update: The site did a soft launch last week, so time is of the