[Zope] calling properties of ZClasses

marwin98 marwin98@gmx.net
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 11:27:20 +0200

Hello list,

being (still) a newbie, I cannot find a solution to this:
I have a folder "specialoffers", in which there are some ZClass-Objects of 
type "film" with properties "price" and "filmtitle".
I'd like to show a list of _some_ filmtitles (defined in a property of the 
folder "specialoffers"). For a - probably - better understanding:

() folder "specialoffers"- with property validfilms= [token] "flyci spanin"
    [] ZClass flyci       - price = 1000   filmtitle= "Flying Circus"
    [] ZClass meali       - price = 1300   filmtitle= "The meaning of life"
    [] ZClass spanin      - price = 1290   filmtitle= "Spanish Inquisition"
    [] DTML-document "showvalids_html"

Which DTML-commands do I have to use to show just the filmtitles of "flyci" 
and "spanin"?
I've just managed to get this far:

<dtml-in validfilms>
<br><dtml-var sequence-item> <!-- gives "flyci" and in next loop "spanin" -->
<dtml-var objectValues(sequence-item).filmtitle> <!-- doesn't work :-(-->

Hoping that somebody is able to help me on this issue...

BTW: Are there any tutorials with a listing of _all_ DTML-commands and 
functions? The .pdf "Zope Document Template Markup Language Reference" on 
zope.org doesn't cover all functions, I guess.