[Zope] Authentication and Authorization Errors don't use standard_error_message :-( :-(

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 16:43:10 +0100

William JOYE wrote:
> Some pages of my zope project are protected by acl_users. I would like to
> redirect the wrong login to another page. How to do that ? Do I need another
> product ?
> I'm using Zope 2.1.6. Is it possible to do that with the
> standard_error_message ?

There was some discussion about this a while back...

Zope needs some fixing to be able to do this, but, IIRC, it should be
possible and is actually in the collector. If I had the knowledge, I'd
do it, but I don't, so I'd love it if someone who did know could
implement it ;-)



PS: The problem, in short, is that Authentication and Authorization
Exceptions currently use Zope's internal, hard coded, error message
rather than acquiring standard_error_message. In fact, I seem to
remember a comment in the code to the effect that 'maybe this could be
done differently'