[Zope] Version Control in Zope / Managing releases

Doug Hellmann Doug.Hellmann@ZapMedia.com
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 19:11:49 -0400

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> I would say there are simply too many developments happening for anyone to
> keep up.  I can understand why my little proposal has been overlooked--it
> doesn't seem very exciting. :-)

There *is* too much going on, but I'm *very* excited by this proposal. 
Using versions to isolate development from current users is useful but
only in a limited fashion.  Most environments don't allow development on
production servers, and if you're doing serious development you're
probably working on the filesystem (at least partially) anyway.

We're facing this challenge at ZapMedia, and I had the same problem at
WebMD.  The solution there was a bit easier because we had fewer
developers working on more isolated projects.  We have some tools in
place for doing releases at ZapMedia, but there's still an uncomfortable
feeling because we're all using the same development server.