[Zope] Site Access and UserFolders in love?

Dennis Nichols nichols@tradingconnections.com
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 22:23:02 -0500

Since the standard root User Folder seems to hate being replaced by other 
much-needed-by-me types of UserFolders, I wondered if this would work well 
(using only ZServer) ...

1. Use SiteAccess to map mysite.com/ to mysite.com/my/ for all users and 
2. Put a {MySQL,etc,smb,...}UserFolder in /my for all users and sub-managers.

3. Use SiteAccess to map big-guy.mysite.com to mysite.com/ for the site 
4. Use the standard root UserFolder only for the site manager login 
(index_html could redirect any errant users).

This would seem to keep those "other" UserFolders out of the root and allow 
the site manager to easily get at the manage views in the root.

I'm sorry to ask, but I've found that it takes me a long time to work 
through setting up and trying such things, and then not always knowing if 
it is sound or if I'll find the fatal flaw tomorrow.

Anybody tried this? Or have an opinion on its soundness?

Dennis Nichols