[Zope] evaluation within <dtml-sendmail>-tag

Stefan Doerig stef@tac.ch
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 10:01:34 +0200


i had to create a html form where the user can enter his email address
and select over a few check boxes several pdf-files which then get
attached to an email and finally sent to the users address.

1. the problem is a <dtml-if> or a <dtml-in> tag within the
<dtml-sendmail> tag causes an error and so it does not seem possible to
me to evaluate the users input in dtml only. but i have to evaluate
because there are up to twelve files to select.

2. so i wrote an external method which does the job. it works and
creates an fine email with the selected files attached. the only problem
that the pdf files are presented on the web site as well and therefor
integrated in zope and the external method i wrote reads them from the
file system because i could not access the file data in zope from the
external method. so i have the pdfs twice once on the file system and
once in zope.

so, is it possible to access data which are actually in zope through an
external method? is there an easier way around this?

have a nice time

-- stef