[Zope] Stack overflow on DEC OSF1 alpha

Wolfgang Strobl ws@gmd.de
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 11:25:28 +0200

While browsing through the collector, I noticed 1515: ZServer Bug: Stack 
overflow on DEC UNIX 4.0 E
|  Compiled Python 1.5.2 from source using cc compiler(Configure-d with 
| option --with-dec-threads).
|  Compiled and installed from the source zope-2.2.0.
|  Started zope.
|  When trying to access the Quick_start or the Management screen 
| (with superuser and its password) zope stops and a message like 
| tihs is displayed:
|  Stack overflow: pid 19902, proc python, addr 0x140929f58, pc 0x12003a790

About two months ago I got the very same stack overflow, when trying to install 
Zope 2.1.6 on one of our DEC servers.

I finally solved the problem by making the following change to the Makefile, after 
running ./configure:

< OPT=          -O -Olimit 1500
> OPT=           -D_REENTRANT -threads

Disabling optimization alltogether, i.e. removing "-O" finally made the difference 
and got rid of the aformentioned stack overflow. Fiddling with stack sizes didn't 
help in any way, as far as I remember.

This is in slight contradiction to the recommendation given by Brian Lloyd in
http://classic.zope.org:8080/Collector/1515/view and might hint at the slight 
possibility that the stack overflow is just a symtom of an optimizaitiion bug in 
gcc, instead of a too-small stack.  Perhaps somebody more knowlegeable 
about OSF1, alpha and gcc might investigate this further. Personaly, I'm happy 
with my solution: that specific zope instance has an uptime of 64 days now, 
and I don't care much about optimization for that not so heavily used internal 
server anyway.


OSF1  V4.0 1229 alpha
gcc 2.95.2

Wolfgang Strobl, ws@mystrobl.de or ws@gmd.de