[Zope] Version Control in Zope / Managing releases

Steve Spicklemire steve@spvi.com
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 11:02:37 -0500 (EST)

Hi Bob,

   I would be most interested to hear about your experience with
ZCVSMixin, or anyone elses! I've gotten very little feedback, and
what I have gotten, I've incorporated into the Product. The main
problems I see at this time are:

1) It doesn't handle recursion.... a lot of that has to be
don manually at this time.... this is close to the top of
my priority list... but time is very limited....

2) The Container/Contianment problem: Right now with ZCVSMixin you can
check in an entire ZClass (or any folderish object really...)
including all it's methods/properties/etc as one monolithic
'zexp'. You can also check in the methods of a ZClass as individual
objects. There is no way (right now) to check in 'everything about
this object *except* it's contents.... .  I'm not even sure how to
approach the problem.... ideas about this are most welcome! Right
now... our project is running two 'development' servers, and a 'live'
server, all sharing objects and classes with ZCVSMixin, (and plain old
CVS for the Product level Python bits...., but managed through the web
with ZCVSMixin.) 

Are there other major issues I'm missing?


>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Crosley <bobc@hilgraeve.com> writes:

    Bob> As our development team grows, and our application grows more
    Bob> complex, version control in Zope becomes more problematic.
    Bob> I'm trying to do some research into the different techniques
    Bob> people are using to manage application development.

    Bob> Here's our current situation.  *We have a web application
    Bob> that contains both your standard web site/marketing copy type
    Bob> pages, and the application itself.  *We have a team of 7
    Bob> developers including application developers and HTML
    Bob> coders/Graphic Artists.

    Bob> We have a number of problems we're trying to solve.  If you
    Bob> have a solution that's worked for you for any of these
    Bob> problems, I'd love to hear about it.

    Bob> 1) "Code Collisions."  - Developers overwriting each other's
    Bob> work.  2) Partial updates - Right now, we have new pages for
    Bob> marketing content that are held up because we don't have our
    Bob> new features for the application done yet.  So we can't
    Bob> update marketing pages without updating the app at the same
    Bob> time, (one ZODB) unless we directly update the production
    Bob> servers. (Eeek!)

    Bob> We looked at ZCVSMixin for a solution to problem 1, and it
    Bob> shows a lot of promise but isn't quite there yet.  For
    Bob> problem 2, we considered the idea of running two Zopes for
    Bob> the app, using one to serve the marketing pages, and one for
    Bob> the application pages so they could be updated independently.
    Bob> Has anyone done that?  We have images and appearance
    Bob> attributes stored in the ZODB and don't want to have to keep
    Bob> seperate sets of those, so any solution would have to be able
    Bob> to draw off the same images and appearance variables.

    Bob> Any feedback anyone can provide would be very helpful.

    Bob> Thanks, Bob

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