[Zope] Mutiple images don't always show up

Hung Jung Lu hungjunglu@hotmail.com
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 12:02:14 PDT

It kind of make me feel better to know other people have observed the same 
problem. I found the following message in the mailing list by Pierre-Julien 
Grizel around 09/04/2000, with title: [Zope] Images slow rendering problem


So, it does seem that Zope 2.1.6 has some problems handling multiple images. 
The problem seems to happen at least with Unix flavor OS (Linux, Solaris, 
FreeBSD,) and seems to be browser-independent (Netscape and IE alike). I 
don't think it's the If-Modified-Since problem, since I have applied the 
patch in http://classic.zope.org:8080/Collector/1388/view
and it did not make a difference.


Hung Jung

PS- correction: in my previous message, where I said Zope 2.1.x, should have 
been 2.2.x.

--- In zope@egroups.com, "Hung Jung Lu" <hungjunglu@h...> wrote:
>I have observed that in some Zope installations (I am using Zope 2.1.6 
>through PCGI on Linux, my browser is Internet Explorer 5.5), if I have more 
>than 4 or 5 images (currently I have one page with 12 GIF images), 
>sometimes not all the pictures show up. If I reload the page, the problem 
>is often fixed.
>I have seen similar situations both with static images and dynamic images 
>(images generated by Python programs.) I am not sure whether the problem is 
>in the browser, in the Zope server, or in my ISP.
>Has anyone seen something similar?
>Hung Jung
>PS- related to this, I also know that for Zope 2.1.x there is some thread 
>competing write problem: when two threads (from different browser windows) 
>compete in writing, one browser window does not receive any response. I 
>know Zope is supposed to abort one of the threads and restart it, and 
>matter of fact I do see that happen when I insert print statements. But 
>it's just strange that the browser window does not display anything. This 
>problem reportedly happens with Zope 2.1.6 and 2.1.x, both on Linux and 
>Windows, with IE5 and Netscape browsers alike. This could be a different 
>problem, though.

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