[Zope] Stability problems using ZOracleDA

Roman Milner roman@speeder.org
24 Sep 2000 15:47:01 -0500

>>>>> "PK" == Peter Kelly <pmk@post.com> writes:

    PK> Hello, Recently I have been having some severe stability
    PK> problems using zope and oracle together. Zope has been
    PK> segfaulting on a regular basis, usually every 10-15
    PK> mintues. When I looked into it a while back I came to the
    PK> conclusion it was a problem with the linux version of oracle
    PK> (an incompatibility with glibc 2.1), but I have tested it on
    PK> solaris now and I am having the same problems.

Welcome to my world!  I have fought this problem for months, going on
a year. The good news is that after upgrading to the latest version of
DCOracle, I am now having only intermitant crashes, about every 2 days
or so - and I'm not even sure those crashes are due to DCOracle.
Anyway, you can get the latest version of DCOrale at: