[Zope] Data.fs problem!!!

Tom Deprez tom.deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:08:44 +0200


I've some problems with my Zope database! 
I don't know what I've done wrong, but the only thing I did was installing
the beta of MP. After the installation everything was still normal. Then I
wanted to shutdown Zope and restard it in debug mode. Restarting in debug
gave an error, but zope restarted. After this strange things happened :

eg. I've a folder QC in which another folder Mammo is. Looking on the left
panel (thus the Zope tree). I see QC but no subfolder Mammo. However, if I
look into the folder of QC then Mammo folder is still their, although
clicking on it gives the error that the Zope resource can't be found.

Ok. Lucky I had a backup of QC.zexp. Unfortunately importing this file
results in the same problem. I also moved the data.fs file and all the
other things to another place and Zope created a new Data.fs file. I also
removed the beta of MP and installed the old MP. 

To no offence, it still give this strange error. Now, I'm sure my exported
file is not corrupt, but how can I install it so that it works! Important,
because this was a service being used and I don't like to write it again.

Thanks for any advice.