[Zope] Re: Zope 2.2.x (wood) under potato

Mario Olimpio de Menezes mario@curiango.ipen.br
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 08:50:03 -0300 (EST)

On Fri, 22 Sep 2000, Giuseppe Pagano wrote:

> Yes, it works too but you need the new site root:
> http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/SiteAccess2
> enjoi it
> beppe@mixadlive.com

Hi Giuseppe,

	Sorry for writing directly to you but I would like to know what
kind of virtual domain are you using?
	I have the following installation:
apache + mod_pcgi + virtual domains + mod_rewrite for v.d.
	This used to work with Zope 2.1.6 and the old site access.
	Now, I'm no longer able to access my virtual domains with the
same config.
	That is, I upgraded zope to 2.2.1 and site access to 2.0b3
	I have a SiteRoot object in the folder of my virtual domain, a
DTML method in my zope root directory, with the rules for split the
incoming HTTP_HOST env.variable, but I can't add an access rule. It
complains about something. The msg is bellow:

	Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. 


	Do you know something about this? 
	BTW, I can add access rule to any other folder but root!

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