[Zope] FYI: Python product tutorial updated

Darcy Clark darcyc@engin.umich.edu
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:49:58 -0400

This tutorial looks great...it explained a lot of things to me that I wasn't
able to put together before.

But...on looking at it, a nagging thought keep recurring...this is a really
quite long and complicated process for a Poll product. As much as I like
Zope and thing it is a great platform on which to develop web applications,
I often wonder about the complexity and obscurity of some of the procedures
that need to executed while making what are, on the face of it, often quite
simple web objects or applications. Consequently I have honestly had quite a
hard time convincing PHP-savvy colleagues that the path to Zope Zen is
something worth starting on. Does anyone else experience these nagging
doubtful thoughts occasionally ?


From: Shane Hathaway  <shane@d...>
Date: Fri Sep 22, 2000 11:56am
Subject: [Zope] FYI: Python product tutorial updated

The Python product development tutorial has been updated to reflect
current practices. It is accompanied by a working product that contains
all the sample code (which should also replace the "Boring" product.)

It will likely be included in the Product Developer's Guide.

See http://www.zope.org/Members/hathawsh/TutorialUpdate .