[Zope] FYI: Python product tutorial updated

Steve Drees drees@the-bridge.net
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:13:22 -0500

> But...on looking at it, a nagging thought keep recurring...this
> is a really
> quite long and complicated process for a Poll product. As much as I like
> Zope and thing it is a great platform on which to develop web
> applications,
> I often wonder about the complexity and obscurity of some of the
> procedures
> that need to executed while making what are, on the face of it,
> often quite
> simple web objects or applications. Consequently I have honestly
> had quite a
> hard time convincing PHP-savvy colleagues that the path to Zope Zen is
> something worth starting on.

You need to make a delineation between making products and using zope.
One can use the power of zope without building a zope product.
A couple of ZSQL Methods, some PythonMethods, and a little DTML go along
way in building a cool dynamic website.

So my methodology has been to show them the simple power of zope and then
expose them to building products.