[Zope] personal portal and Palm syncronization

seb bacon sebbacon@email.com
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 17:26:46 +0100

Yes, this has been on my wish list for some time, but there's no way I'm
going to get round to it right now...  Take a look at pilot-link
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/pilot-link) for interfaces to the mail,
todo, etc software on your palm.  This will only really deal with
workstation -> palm syncs, though, so you probably want MAL, the open source
networked application link thingum from avantgo:


don't know how it works or anything though :)


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Subject: [Zope] personal portal and Palm syncronization

> I was building a personal site to weblog my engineering and personal stuff
> (based on Squishdot and Event Folder), and the thought occurred to me that
> would be really neat
> if I could syncronize my Palm to this personal site.  Using the Event
Folder, I
> have a calendar, Squishdot provides the memos,  I would need some other
> to do the ToDos, and some other product could provided the contact
> list.  All that would be needed would be a way to sync between the Palm
and the
> Zope site.  Any ideas?  (Heck, I could even see a company providing this
> MyPalmPortal or something like that!  Then I would not have to depend on a
> particular computer to sync my Palm with and I would have a better way of
> entering memos when I had access to a web browser.
> Any ideas how the sync would be done?
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