[Zope] Favorites

rishi rishi@zreal.net
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 07:27:19 +0200

Hi guys I've got a reply that my explaination was not good, let me try

I have a website running on zope with apache.
The users of my site can store memo's and bookmarks there.
The following tihng is going on; they are uploading the bookmark file
manualy, by exporting from IE or NS. There is a util called
"ImportExportFavorites", a javascript syntax that gets the bookmarks and
post them to the server.

--" javascript:window.external.ImportExportFavorites(false,'your server
adress') "--

when I use this util, it will send it's data tru the http_user_agent called
is there a posible way for grabbing the data it is sending into zope ?
it will send a file called 'img.fav'