[Zope] mxDateTime anyone

Jason Cunliffe jasonic@nomadicsltd.com
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 02:47:55 -0400


Whenever I end up wanting to do some real work with dates and time I end up
being referred to the lovely mxDateTime package.

Unfortunately Zope does not use this yet..
The real shame is that it is not the standard default for Python and then
everyone could benefit.

Q1: Is there any plan to use mxDateTime in Zope?

Q2: Has anyone here been working with it anyway, via External Methods for
I would love to hear what you have been doing and how you solved any Zope
namespace conflicts, passing of
variables etc..

I posted on this back in the spring and did get some kind advice, but ran in
to some other problems, which I could not solve then. So at the time I
decided to compromise, avoid  those hassles and use Zope's built-in tools.

But the nagging problem won't go away that a more robust system is needed,
And with the cool timestamp arithmetic and functions that mxDateTime has.

I have an application where we want to have lots of data older than the
beginning of Unix for example.. [my birthday  to take a trivial example].
Application #1 is  history database system where all sorts of places, art
etc can be handled via Zope. Without a decent DateTime mechanism I can't see
how to use it. Maybe I am missing something about Zopes features, but it
look like it will be a mess for anything pre1970. I hope I am wrong..
Application #2 is for intermodal transport - lots of shifting relative dates
and times, odd arithmetic to do with days of week,  2nd Thursday in the
month etc. mxDateTime is great for all this.

Q3: Does anyone have tips or good advice how to do this with Zope's own if
mxDateTime can be used?

- Jason
Jason CUNLIFFE = NOMADICS.(Interactive Art and Technology).Design Director