[Zope] secure management with Site Access?

Frank Tegtmeyer fte@d.de.mqi.net
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 10:05:56 +0200

> with the SiteRoot will be either 'http' or 'https', but I'm looking for
> some solution that will allow either, depending on the previous REQUEST.  I

It has not to depend on the last request, it has to depend on the actual 
request. Actually there are some examples in the SiteRoot documentation 
how to write access rules to manipulate URLs. They only have to be 
extended to keep the protocol in place.

I need this myself too but didn't have the time and Python knowledge to 
figure it out. If somebody does, please announce it here :)

Fro those who cannot program Python it would be a nice extension to 
SiteRoot to have a property "keep protocol" or something like that.
This would simplify it's use for this purpose dramatically.

Regards, Frank