[Zope] Where the ZODB resides?

Ryan Booz ryanbooz@alumni.psu.edu
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 12:13:11 -0400

Thank you for the help yesterday some of you gave me with regards to the
Zope DB and how files are stored and such.  I obviously have A LOT of
reading to do.  But I'm excited about it.

The only other question I have before diving in to the point of no
return, is where Zope can be installed.  Currently I have it in the /usr
partition of my web server.  However, since this computer is only
intended to be a web server, most of the 12 GB HD is for "web space".
Where I'm putting accounts for school and such.  So, if the ZODB is
actually stored in the Zope directory, it probably won't be long before
it runs out of space.  Is it OK, to put it into the "web" partition so
that it has plenty of space to grow?  I only ask because I remember
reading somewhere that it shouldn't be placed where httpd can get to it
or something.

Thanks for the help again!

Ryan Booz
Belleville Mennonite School
Tech Coordinator