[Zope] Zope.org is soooooo slow.

Morten W. Petersen morten@esol.no
28 Sep 2000 06:08:48 +0200

This is an old thread, but I was cleaning up my mail today, and
had to reply to this thread.  =)

| Zope.org is free as hell.  Why don't you get creative and donate
| something to the effort and stop bitching.

zope.org is there to serve the community.  The community has value
for DC, it produces technical solutions, bug reports, and are an all
around Good Thing (tm) for DC.  Which they should gladly pay for and

| If you need to make pictures with words it means that you don't have a
| grasp on basic reality and attempt to shuttle form into desire.  It's
| childish - sooooooooooo childish.

Now you're ignorant.  If Erik hadn't complained, this could have gone
on, potentionally discouraging users from showing it off, or, even
worse, giving ZOPE a reputation for being slow and/or unstable.

Think about it; if the zope.org site is running ZOPE, and if the
site is slow/unstable, even if it is because of network connections,
it's the ZOPE that's gonna get the bad wrap.