[Zope] DTML entity syntax: was Nested properties (addition)

Wolfgang Strobl ws@gmd.de
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:00:37 +0200

On 27 Sep 2000, 12:46  Lars Heber wrote:

> I forgot something:
> > By the way: Is it possible to insert special characters in
> > properties,
> like ä?
> I meant, that properties with special characters in it are not
> displayed correctly, when called with the shortened syntax
> &dtml-VARNAME;. Are special characters not allowed in the short
> syntax?

ä -> ä

See How-To: Using the DTML entity syntax


The entity notation is an alternate syntax for the
<dtml-var> tag. It is available since Zope 2.0. Here is a
text snippet from the ZopeDir\doc\CHANGES.txt file for the
2.0.1 distribution (in a slightly adapted form) that
explains it all: 

Zope 2.0 introduces a new HTML DTML syntax that, among other
things, allows simple 'var' tags to be entered using the
entity-reference syntax, as in:

<input name=myVar value="&dtml-myVar;"> 

The entity reference syntax is mainly intended for use when
a var tag is used to insert text into an HTML tag. In these
cases, the text needs to be html-quoted. For this reason,
use of the entity reference syntax now implies html quoting.
For example, the DTML snippet above is equivalent to:

<input name=myVar value="<dtml-var myVar html_quote>"> 

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