[Zope] How to change Unauthorized error message?

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:51:39 -0700

> Andy McKay wrote:
> >
> > Some errors do not get caught by the standard_error_message and there
> > very good reasons for that.
> Oh really? ;-)

Well if an anonymous user was allowed access to none of your site except
standard_error_message that would sound like a security hole some person
with a warped mind on these issues could use.

You could make a special object standard_error_message of course. There's a
project for you Chris (is if you havent got enough to do).

> > The easiest way to do it so far is to hack the
> > source code where that message is printed to produce something nice.
> Hmmm... not pretty, especially if you have more than one site on your
> instance of Zope...


> cheers,
> Chris