[Zope] Property problem - still the same...

Peter Sabaini sabaini@niil.at
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 12:16:52 +0200 (CEST)


afaik its not possible to nest properties.

what about dtml method mytitle in the root folder consisting of

  <dtml-var enterprisename> - <dtml-var title>

or something like this? this will acquire title from the current
document and enterprisename from the rootfolder provided theres not
another enterprisename in the acquisition path.

hth peter.

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Lars Heber wrote:

:Hello again,
:I recently set a question about nested properties.
:Unfortunately, we didn't come to a proper solution.
:I was told to use ZClasses, and I read a lot of documentation about it.
:But I found out that this isn't the thing I was searching for.
:So, now I'll try it again, very concrete this time:
:In my root folder, I have a property enterpriseName (string) =
:Furthermore I have an arbitrary DTML document, and I want to include my
:global property enterpriseName in the title property of this document so
:that the title of the document is "myEnterprise" at the end.
:The sense of that is that when I change the value of enterpriseName
:automatically all titles are updated.
:It is not possible to include this enterpriseName into
:standard_html_header or similar, because there will be many documents,
:and only some of them need the enterpriseName in their titles, others
:want to add an own text to the enterpriseName resulting in e. g. "This
:is the Homepage of XYZ, who is working at myEnterprise".
:I generally just want to insert one property into another...
:Please, please help me, I'm despairing in the meantime...
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