[Zope] logout from basic authentication ... almost

Didier Georgieff Didier.GEORGIEFF@agriculture.gouv.fr
29 Sep 2000 15:59:57 +0100


On the archive i got the way to logout from the basic authentication.

i have DTML method called "logout"
with only :

<dtml-raise Unauthorized>
   <H1>Logout requested. OK</H1>

Calling the logout method calls the authenticated window. And i 
can give a new id/pass. So login as a new user works fine.

But if i only want to became Anonymous again, when i click on the 
CANCEL button, i have the    <H1>Logout requested. OK</H1> 
message at the end of the regular traceback with the Unauthorized 

I tried to modify my standard_error_message to catch it but with no 
luck (i still catch other errors within my standard_error_message 
for generate a clean page).

Anyone succeeded in generating a clean "you've been logout" page 
with this method ?