[Zope] Two inquiries

Rudd-O Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) Gerente de desarrollo Alpha Omega Creative Solutions http:"//www.alomega.com/" <amadorm@usm.edu.ec>
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:12:05 -0500

Hey there people,

First, the customary thanks for such a great product.  
Second - I have two problems.  First one is that I got 
zope compiled for linux then installed Login Manager 
then installed ZPatterns, but when trying to compile 
DynPersist.c it can't find ExtensionClass.h.  It 
honestly isn't in my system tho I have python and 
python-devel installed.

Second, I was gonna use LoginManager for this project:  
I'm building an automated proxy, mail router, security 
manager, based on users, so that the administrator can 
restrict its users access to chat, web proxy, 
filesharing via samba, etcetera.  BUT I can't seem to 
find the right object to select and associate 
properties for my users (user X can use computer Y) 
neither can I find a product that will contribute those 
users to /etc/passwd and /etc/smbpasswd.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.  Please reply either in private mail 
or with CC to mine.


   Universidad Federico Santa Maria - Campus Guayaquil