[Zope] PIL and Win32 (Imaging.dll)

Peter Bengtsson peter@grenna.net
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 01:41:38 +0100

I've followed all README's and searched the mailing archive.
Been to pythonware.com, downloaded Imaging1.1, installed the Photo product, but still can't get it working.

I think I now need the Imaging.dll file, which is not provided on pythonware.com.

Does anyone have whatever it takes to get Photo working in Zope.

This is the Photo traceback I get.

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "C:\Program\ZopeSite\lib\python\OFS\Application.py", line 397, in import_products
    product=__import__(pname, global_dict, global_dict, silly)
  File "C:\Program\ZopeSite\lib\python\Products\Photo\__init__.py", line 42, in ?
    import Photo
  File "C:\Program\ZopeSite\lib\python\Products\Photo\Photo.py", line 87, in ?
    from PIL.Image            import BICUBIC, BILINEAR, NEAREST
  File "C:\Program\Python\Lib\PIL\__init__.py", line 5, in ?
    import Image, ImageFile, ImageEnhance, ImageDraw,  _imaging, GifImagePlugin, JpegImagePlugin, PngImagePlugin, BmpImagePlugin
ImportError: No module named _imaging

So, it looks like Image, ImageFile, ... up until _imaging is imported successfully.
Other PIL hints?