[Zope] newbie:zclasses within zclasses (down the hill)

Sven Hohage schuettelreim@web.de
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 20:48:47 +0200

I've searched on a solution for this problem for hours.
I want to build a site-structure where users can add with help of templates new webpages. One webpage for itself is a ZClass(baseclasses:ZObject, _ZClass_for_Folder, _ZClass_for_CatalogAware, ZObjectManager).

---The formular:
---<form action="second">
      <dtml-tree branches_expr="objectValues(['Spam'])">
      <input type="checkbox" name="destination" value="<dtml- var id>">
                 <dtml- var "absolute_url()">                           

The user can decide where to build the webpage(ZClass with metatype 'Spam')
In 'second' he can choose a template and then the constructor_site builds
--<dtml- with "_.getitem(destination,0)">
--<dtml- with "manage_addProduct['Spam']">
    <dtml-call "Spam_page_add(_.None, _, NoRedir=1)">

I've also tried -><dtml-with "_[destination]"> and also with not saving the 'id' but the 'absolute_url' in 'destination'.
  The constructor_site is on the top level of the website and he doesn't know
the folders downside.How to solve the problem???Please help me because it's
only two days to finish everything.
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