[Zope] writing dtml on zope.org

Charlie Blanchard charlie@blanchardsite.com
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 18:35:30 -0700

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 05:58:36PM -0400, ethan mindlace fremen wrote:
> What if there was a standard page for presenting your contributions, that 
> your contributions could have html in them, and if you were interested in 
> providing different ways to view member folders, you could get permission 
> and create a skin that then anyone could select?
> Esp. if that skin could cover more than just member folders, but the entire 
> site?
ooohhh, i like the skins idea. right now to read the zope site i
have to turn off css in my netscrape (4.7) browser since the text
ends up rendered too small for my poor old eyes...

actually tho, i've recently begun using the text browser "Links"
which renders tables/frames beautifully and has configurable
associations so i can view images when necessary. now if only i
could log in to the manage screens with it... <g>

i bring this up only as a reminder that some of us still prefer
old fashioned _text_ browsing. it would be a shame if in the
quest for better gui, text browsing were to be overlooked.

charlie blanchard
LosAngeles area Zope Users Group http://lazug.org