[Zope] Stupid WEBDAV question

Darin Lee LEEDM@state.mi.us
Tue, 01 May 2001 10:22:58 -0400


That did the trick, problem solved.  :-)
Supplying the credentials that way never occured to me (DUH!).


>>> "Chris McDonough" <chrism@digicool.com> 05/01/01 10:06AM >>>
Hi Darin,

try as the URL:


where "darin" is your username and "123" is your Zope password.

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Please forgive my "thickness" on this question. I have been trying to do
editing via WEBDAV for quite some time and have never gotten it to work. =
I use IE 5.5, select Open (as webfolder) with "localhost:8080" as the
location - I can see the Zope root folder files - but I can never edit or
save (if I do open the document for editing, it's a local read-only copy).
It's almost as though I am opening the folder as "anonymous user" - with =
Zope "view" permission only. I am working on Windows 2000 Professional -
with an instance of Zope/Medusa running locally.

So, how does Zope know who I am when I access via WEBDAV? Is it using my
Windows credentials for authentication?

Thanks in advance,
-Darin Lee

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