[Zope] Zope IOError messages (FOUND TEST CASE)

Jérôme Loisel jerome@levinux.org
Tue, 1 May 2001 14:32:13 -0400

Hello Chris,

Chris McDonough -- Lundi 30 Avril 2001 22:11:
> Jerome,
> Are you seeing "script returned printed without using printed variable"
> messages inside your log file (STUPID_LOG_FILE?)  What messages are you
> seeing in the logfile?
> It seems that the problem is related to opening and closing the logfile,
> which may be symptomatic of an out-of-disk-space issue.

I have set STUPID_LOG_FILE and my problems have gone away. I have thought 
about what you told me and now think I understand what the problem was.

The server's boot process automatically starts Zope. I do not believe that 
problems cropped up when this was how Zope was started. I believe that my 
problems happen when I manually restart Zope. I occasionnally do this when I 
install new products or experience major problems.

To manually restart Zope, I do the following: I open a shell, su, run the 
stop script, run the start script, check that everything works and exit my 
shell. You supposed that maybe stderr disappears somehow, causing my 
IOErrors... Would closing my shell not make stderr disappear?

If so, maybe this should be considered a bug in the default setup of the 
start script? The start script should start a fully functional Zope, even if 
the shell il later closed. In my opinion, at least. :-)

In any case, I very much thank you for your help. My problem seems resolved 
now. Cheers,

Jérôme Loisel

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