[Zope] Need some help with ZCVSMixin

Itai Tavor itai@optusnet.com.au
Wed, 2 May 2001 16:09:13 +1000


I finally decided it's time to get acquainted with ZCVSMixin, mainly 
because I was looking for a way to sync a project between a 
development and a production server. But I'm having problems getting 
started with it.

I started a new project, checked it out to 
/home/itai/workspace/MyProject, created a CVS Folder instance in Zope 
in the MyProject folder, and then created and checked in some files 
and folders. No problems here, except for some trouble doing commits. 
Checkins work fine, but commit just hangs forever. I'm not sure I get 
commit at all - why is it such a long procedure? To do a commit I 
need to first click "Force Obj->File" and then select "commit" and 
click "Admin Function", whereas checkin is a one-click action.

Anyway, I then wanted to see how I would use ZCVSMixin to update a 
production server. So I checked out a new copy of the project ( cd 
/home/itai/test; cvs co MyProject ), created a Test folder in Zope, 
added a CVS Folder to it and set its file system root to 
/home/itai/test/MyProject. Then I viewed the CVS object CVS Status 
page. I expected to see the objects that I checked out, but I saw 
nothing. Then, I created a new folder under MyProject, and tried to 
add a CVS Folder to it, but got errno 13, even though 
/home/itai/test/MyProject is owned by nobody, which is also the user 
running Zope.

So: following the instruction in the ZCVSMixin README I can get a 
CVS-controlled folder working, although I can't commit anything in 
it, and I can do nothing with a new checkout copy of the project. 
What am I doing wrong?

One other question, just in case I manage to solve these problems: I 
want to CVS the ZClasses in a Product along with the project folder, 
and it would be nice if they were both stored in the same repository 
branch. How should I set up the CVS Folder for the Product? I set it 
to use /home/itai/MyProject/Product. Is that a good idea?


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