[Zope] [Info] Sourceforge-like product for Zope?

Darin Arrick freespacefoundation@yahoo.com
Wed, 2 May 2001 10:36:38 -0400

I'm new to Zope, but I love it so far. I haven't dug very deeply into it,
but have started reading the newly completed book online and hope to get
more knowledgeable about it.

Anyway, I basically need my own "SourceForge", a collaborative system for
open source hardware and software development. I've thought about using
the SourceForge code itself, but I don't know Perl. I know I could start
build something similar with some Zope products, but don't really know how
to go about it.

Is there a product or two for Zope that would give me the functionality I
want? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you for your time. And, thanks for Zope!

Darin Basil Arrick

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