[Zope] RFC - newbie with a zope product

Russell Keppner rkeppner@idiglobal.com
Wed, 2 May 2001 09:30:56 -0600

<dtml-var expr="standard_newbie_disclaimer">

Your product has started me in the right direction, but I wonder if you could 
answer a question for me. I created the User Friendly sample (and named the 
object "userFriendly") and the display method (named "show"), and everything 
worked as expected. But if I call userFriendly from another DTML method with 
<dtml-var expr="userFriendly">, it just returns something like <KebasData 
instance at 89e0458>. Is there a way to call KebasData objects from DTML 
methods? I would like to be able to use multiple KebasData objects on the 
same page.

Russell Keppner

On Thursday 19 April 2001 10:04 am, bak (kedai) wrote:
>i'm not sure whether this is a proper thing to do, but here goes
>i jsut made myself a python product that grabs a page, and return a list of 
>items; depending on a few regular expression patterns.
>any kind soul could spare a few minutes to look and comment on my codes?  
>what i missed out, what should be done, etc
>p/s - no docs as yet since this is still in testing phase