[Zope] Local FS for multimedia content (was Re:Image Content)

Ausum augusto@artlover.com
Wed, 02 May 2001 12:59:19 -0500

I think it's a good idea to help to enhance Jonothan's LocalFS product.
I use it to browse image files at already filesystem existing directories, and
also to watch those images rendered at the very main screen, when they're under
a threshold file size. If you restrict conveniently the access to those
directories trough the filesystem, you don't need to store them at the ZDB,
with the obvious advantage of not crowding it.
The current downside is that you can't store metadata, but that's a noticeable
"todo" at the readme. I've tried ExtFile product and ZPhoto product too, and
though they have good features on their own, I think a merging-features work
should be done, in order to offer directory imports to ZDB(for previews and
storing issues, cataloguing, and sinchronization to filesystem changes) and 
external filesystem storing.

A tool like this would be a good starting point to a reliable multimedia asset


dave@kovach.com wrote:
> Hi -
> I have acouple questions regarding a photo content management system I am building as a tutorial to learn various aspects of Zope. So... I need some pointing in the right direction on the following...
> What is the most appropriate way to say add (5) containers of varying numbers of images without using the Zope management interface to manually add each one?
> I guess it might be possible to write a tool that iterates through a file directory and add an image element into a zope folder... or are there provisions already for this sorta thing?
> Also, if you want to give someone an easy interface to use to have access to adding/deleting photos in this scenario - would you have to build it? or is there something within Zope that allows a non-Zope'er to be able to access a form to do this maintenace?
> Any help or some pointing to what how-tos I should
> read would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely,
> David Kovach
> dave@kovach.com
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