[Zope] Announce - Audio Product

Casey Duncan cduncan@kaivo.com
Wed, 02 May 2001 13:32:54 -0600

marc lindahl wrote:
> Odd that noone has made a product for audio storage, analogous to Image, so
> I took a crack at it.
> So far it parses MP3 tag data.  Anyone have info on RealAudio tag data?
> Since it's based on File, it'll actually store anything.  But the cool thing
> is, it sucks the ID3 tag data out of the file (if there is any) and puts it
> into properties, so it can be indexed.  You can also edit the data in the
> properties page, and whenever the audio is rendered, the new tag data is
> inserted.
> It should be easy to add stuff to look for WAV and AIFF header info and suck
> that out, since python comes with libraries to do that, but those aren't
> popular web formats so I haven't done it yet.
> It's not CatalogAware, just as Image.... I figured you'd wrap it or whatever
> to do that, but I'm open to suggestions.
> It's the first release, so obviously don't depend on it to launch rockets :)
> Get it here:
> http://www.zope.org/Members/bowerymarc/Audio

Cool beans! A jump-start on my Zapster site 8^)

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