AW: [Zope] Source from form result.

Thomas B. Passin
Wed, 2 May 2001 16:06:17 -0400


I think many people are uncertain about what you want to get.

1) You can get the "source" of the result page from the browser by using the
"View/Source" menu or its equivalent on various browsers.  This will show
you the HTML that Zope has actually created and returned to the browser.

2) If you want to see the above page as text, rather than as rendered html,
and you want to automatically see it in the browser window, then you have to
change the content-type header from "text/html" (which it normally would be)
to "text/plain".  Some browsers might still render it as html, but chances
are you will see it as text.  To make the change, you modify the RESPONSE
object.  Someone else, please help out with the exact syntax for this, would

3) You can get the Zope "source" by using the Zope management interface.

4) A fourth possibility is that you want some other user, who has no access
to the Zope mangement interface, to get the Zope source page that Zope
calls - as opposed to the results
page that Zope would ***generate***.    I'm not sure how to do that, though
I seem to remember that it's easy for a dtml method.

Which of these  possibilities do you want?  Or is there another alternative
that you want?


Tom P

[Marc Fischer]

> I think, thats it, what I am looking for. Your Example works fine so far.
> But my understanding in python I so low, that I am not able change it in
> needed way. Perhabs you could tell me how to realize this:
> <form action="http://server" method=POST>
> <input type=hidden name="x" value="a">
> <input type=hidden name="y" value="b">
> <input type=submit>
> </form>
> and show me how to get the source of the result page?! :-)