[Zope] Announce - Audio Product

marc lindahl marc@bowery.com
Wed, 02 May 2001 16:49:16 -0400

I don't think it ever did this.  From looking at File, which Image and Audio
are both based on, it has this data type called Pdata().  It uses this
whenever the data size is larger than 2^16 (an arbitrary number buried in
the file).  What that does is, it chops the file into chunks (of, I think,
2^16), and builds a linked list of them.  Then when it stores or retrieves
the file, it only has one chunk in memory at a time.  Same when it renders
it, it writes it out one chunk at a time.  Take a look in OFS/Image.py at
the bottom of the file.

Anyway, memory is cheap :)

> From: "Andy McKay" <andym@ActiveState.com>
> My main problem is that serving back a large file through Zope sucks as it
> puts the whole thing in memory. Has this been solved since last time I
> looked?