[Zope] rename objects permission

Casey Duncan cduncan@kaivo.com
Thu, 03 May 2001 08:44:42 -0600

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> Ok. New question! This is very strange.
> I create a user called "monkey" in a folder called "icons".
> The "monkey" user has the "foodexpert" role.
> These permissions are ticked for the foodexpert role:
> - Access contents information
> - Add Documents, Images, and Files
> - Change Images and Files
> - Delete objects
> - Manage properties
> - View
> - View management screens
> All I want the monkey to be able to do is to add/edit (name and
> properties)/remove Image objects in a folder called "icons".
> The monkey fills in a form to upload an Image (a copy of the manage_addImage
> form almost). When submitting this DTML code is called:
> <dtml-call "PARENTS[0].manage_addImage(REQUEST['id'], REQUEST['file'])">
> Simple, isn't it? But it does NOT work!
> "You are not authorized to access manage_addImage. "
> Fuck! the monkey things. Goes /manage and can select Add Image from the drop
> down list and can add Images with no problem.
> However, I want the monkey to be able to do these simple things using MY
> management interface.
> Is this a bug?
> Peter

Assuming action is a DTML method, you do not need PARENTS[0]. That is
likely the cause of the problem. I think it is trying to add the image
to the parent folder of the icons folder. Try removing it.

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