[Zope] Virtual HostMonster article

Jeff Peterson jpeterso@the-bridge.net
Thu, 3 May 2001 10:12:57 -0500

I see both good and bad based on perspective.  On one hand, and correct me
if I am wrong, he handles the whole of virtual hosting in Zope.  I have not
really thought of the benefits of this other than not needing apache or IIS
et al, to do virtual hosting.  On the other hand, using apache has benefits
that I can see.  First, using proxypass and site root is exceedingly simple
once you know how to use it, you modify the apache conf file and add a site
root object in Zope, no extra coding.  With this method you have to deal
with the hostname on your own, write the code and deal with the
contingencies.  Also, you can easily use apache to cache high overhead items
and have apache serve them instead of Zope.

Now, that all said, one of the greatest feature of Zope is it's
extensibility.  So, products may be written to do this easily, which will
even the field as far as ease of use is concerned.  They may also have a way
to do the caching in Zope, I don't know (not enough Zen) but it seems to me
the benefit of doing it outside of Zope is obvious.

Just my $.02,

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> FYI: After an educational but mysterious search for information about
> Virtual Host Monster, I just came across this very practical article:
> http://twsite.bizland.com/twzop0015.htm
> Would anyone care to comment on the advice given?
> [..good bad ugly brilliant .. ymmv??]
> ./Jason
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