[Zope] Question about cache management

Oliver Bleutgen Oliver Bleutgen <myzope@gmx.net>
Fri, 4 May 2001 16:04:06 +0200

Hi zopistas,

I'm currently trying to tune a site for production use.
Now I'm thinking about how to best implement caching.
My problem is that esp. the first two levels  of the site are
dynamically created from pulling together summary
information from zclasses further down, and these
"summary" pages all come from one index_html
via acqusition.
root folder
          content folder
                        some zclasses
                        some zclasses                 

So using bobobase_modification_time
for the http-header isn't optimal I guess.

Has anybody found a nice strategy to cleverly
handle this kind of situation?

Another question:
Does anybody know how the RAM Cache Manager
decides to purge an object? 
Is that just done by setting the "cleanup intervall"

While doing testing I compared the RAM Cache Manager
to apache's mod_proxy and to no cache at all.
I got (on a PII 350 +64Meg)
no cache: approx. 8 hits/sec
Ram Cache: approx.: 50 hits/sec
Apache+proxy approx: 500 hits/sec

I know the reasons, but I found it nonetheless