[Zope] [ANN] CMFLDAP product released

Barry Pederson barryp@medicine.nodak.edu
Fri, 04 May 2001 12:01:53 -0500

Ben Riga wrote:
> I tried to get this working on a Windows system a while back but was never
> able to get all the pieces together.  It appears that the underlying LDAP
> objects are primarily available only on Linux.
> Now that this is available for CMF I'd like to try this again.  Do you know
> of a site where I could get information on setting this up for Windows NT or
> 2K?

Sounds like you guys are looking for:


particularly, the section titled: Precompiled WIN32 install instructions

It's got a link to the UMich LDAP binaries (you just need one DLL from there),
and link to a zip file containing a ldap.pyd - which I just tried and seems to
with with the Python 1.5.2 that comes with Zope 2.3.2.  However, don't know if
that .pyd file is current enough to work with the current Zope products (the
.pyd looks like it might be v1.5a, while the current version on sourceforge is

I've been able to compile ldap.pyd files of v 1.10a3 for Python 2.0 and 2.1,
and could try making a Python 1.5.2 if it's needed and none can be found
elsewhere.   Sure will be nice when Zope gets caught-up to Python 2.1.