[Zope] LiveLink "converters"

Casey Duncan cduncan@kaivo.com
Fri, 04 May 2001 16:35:48 -0600

> Menard.Jean-Francois@hydro.qc.ca wrote:
> We just got a demo of LiveLink, a document manager system.  They have
> an Intranet module wich is REALLY like the Zope one.  In fact, it's
> almost de same!  I found a number of similar functionalities between
> them, but there is a couple of features in LiveLink wich I found
> interesting:
> - If a user upload a document, the programmer can use it directly.
> There are automatics converters for many formats: PDF to HTML, Excel
> to HTML, Word to HTML, Word to PDF, etc.  You can develop your own
> converters if tou want.
>         Example:  Someone upload a report in Excel.  In your website,
> you can put a link to a PDF version, or show it in HTML
> automatically!
> - When a user is logged, he sees only the documents he can manage!
> Much simpler interface!
> - The interface is internalionalized.
> So, I guest my questions are:
>         - Any plan for a Zope interface internationalisation ?  I
> know, we could translate the interface ourself, but we want to upgrade
> sometimes...
>         - Any plan for "converters" ?  I think it would be fairly
> easy, no?
>         - Could hiding unauthorized objects been possible?  I  know
> that I can manage that in DTML, but I mean in the default management
> interface?
> Any thoughs?

See: http://www.zope.org/Members/Kaivo/DocumentLibrary/

Which I just released today. I will eventually have cross-format
converters in there.

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