[Zope] best streaming practice??

Farrell, Troy troy.farrell@wcg.com
Fri, 4 May 2001 17:47:26 -0500

Your choices are extremely limited.  You can try RealServer:


which runs on NT/2k,linux,FreeBSD,Solaris,AIX,HP/UX,and IRIX.
I'm not sure that streams mpeg though.  It is really pricey.  If you're a
corporation with deep pockets, you can <shameless plug> VYVX your video feed
to a streaming company, and let them stream it (very pricey).</shameless

If you just wanted audio, we could hook you up with Icecast...

All that is well and good, but when it comes to zope, you can only serve
static content.  That is to say that zope can store and server a video/audio
file, but zope/zserver doesn't speak any streaming protocols (RTSP, MMS...).
The above solutions do both static and dynamic content.

It should be noted that I am an employee of Vyvx services.

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thanks for your answers

isnt there a solution for unix/linux?
my solution should run on freebsd 4.3

i would like to stream mpeg2 or (in my dreams) mpeg4 (divx) :)

i took a look at darwin - but it seems that it only understands qt format

dono if i'm right