[Zope] broken root security tab

Dave Ahn ahn@vec.wfubmc.edu
Sun, 6 May 2001 01:45:15 -0400


I recently upgraded to Zope 2.3.2 and added several new products.  Sometime
during that process, my root security tab stopped working with:

Error Type: TypeError
Error Value: string member test needs char left operand

A quick mailing list search indicates that it is probably related to a
missing ',' in one of the products, but I am just guessing.

How can I track down the source of this error?  I tried to run the python
debugger, but trying to access Zpublish.Zope('/manage_access') simply denies
access.  I'm rather new to Zope debugging, so any help would be appreciated.

Dave Ahn | ahn@vec.wfubmc.edu | Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

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