[Zope] Where may I find some discussions about the pros and cons of Zope vs ASP vs PHP, etc...

dave@kovach.com dave@kovach.com
7 May 2001 09:41:52 -0700

Hi -

I havent found a concise comparision between the 3... and I dont think there will be anything. At least nothing that trys to equate out php, asp, coldfusion and zope. Maybe the first 3. But, zope is a breed all its own.

I come from an ASP background - and Zope marvels me nearly every day. Like yesterday, I exported and imported 1 object (which was my whole site - or an object that contained all other site objects) to a remote web-host server. And, in one fell swoop my site went from my dev. box to my production box just like that! 

The brilliance of an oodb running behind your applications just purely separates zope from anything else. But, because its capabilities are to place presentation, application and data logic into 1 tier - while maintaining the FLEXIBILITY of keeping your presentation logic separate from app. logic etc.... it gets pretty deep pretty quick. 

ASP is a fine solution. But, Zope allows you to make yourself feel smart again - when you accomplish something like listing out a "recordset" into a table and it doesnt require you to write mountains of mundane "I already wrote that like 52,000 times" code to do so. You feel smarter cause for once - doing things take less time and you dont have to feel like a slave to ASP. I fact that its oo based and extendable beyond belief with python... its silly! But, for private projects where I am the sole person making decisions ZOPE is great. But, shifting an ASP shop with 15 coders working on something to ZOPE doesnt seem likely today.
Cause Zope isnt as easy as writing a bunch of RESPONSE.WRITE's - but, ZOPE wont leave you with smelly stinky embedded vbscript everywhere either.

By all means, write me if you got specific questions.


David Kovach

On Mon, 07 May 2001, servel yannick wrote:

> I would like to compare (if it is possible to compare them) these server
> side applications. 
> Many thanks in advance,
> Regards,
> Yannick
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