[Zope] Re: [ZPT] index_html a script, not a template

Steve Drees drees@the-bridge.net
Tue, 8 May 2001 08:55:04 -0500

From: "Evan Simpson"
> From: "Peter Bengtsson" <mail@peterbe.com>
> > I.e. I start with a template and most likely end up in a template.
> >
> > Am I alone on using templating objects for URL-hitting objects?
> Not at all.  Both patterns have their place, and making code
> objects primary
> is a relatively new idiom.

I use about an 80% - 20% mix on my sites so far.
Many of form URLs are Python Scripts.

The rule of thumb for me is if I have more than one <dtml-if> in the first
10 lines I make it a python script. YMMV

> I think that it has more to do with the rise of Python Scripts, although
> part of the Page Template philosophy is to avoid embedding
> non-presentation
> logic.

I've only played with ZPT so far. What I would really like to do in my
Copious Amount Of Spare Time (tm) is to port www.wejustrock.com from DTML to
ZPT and make source for both versions publicly viewable. I think that would
go along way to educating people on ZPT. Unfortunately I'm not even a level
1 ZPT mage.