[Zope] login, permission and REQUEST env

Stefan Berthold dingx@web.de
Tue, 8 May 2001 20:40:19 +0200


I'm trying to manage a school-paper homepage with zope... during the 
last two weeks I got several problems that I couldn't solve with zope 
book and other documentation... hope there's somebody who have some 

  (1) For article management I need to login some users but this (let's 
call them) editors don't need the permission to view management screens 
(they will use html-formulars to manage their articles)... till now I 
couldn't find a way to login users without this permission (e.g. 
through a regular html-form and a dtml method).

  (2) Owners of dtml documents usually have the permission to change 
and delete their documents... but how can I discover if somebody have 
this (implicitly) given Owner role?

  (3) (Not just) For a kind of skin technology I need parameters that 
are user specific (REQUEST variables)... to set and analyse them may be 
no problem - but how can include new parameters to the old URL without 
deleting the old parameters? What I need is a way to add parameters to 
the REQUEST environment...

If there are some hints in the official documentation I would be very 
interested in... otherwise I hope somebody can help with some smart 
examples or a hint.

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