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Fritz Mesedilla fritz.mesedilla@summitmedia.com.ph
Thu, 10 May 2001 01:05:02 +0800

oh but ours is the Philippine site.

http://www.fhm.com.ph is just a country site but it is a licensed site from

soon, fhm.com.ph will probably be zoped too. but in the meantime, why don't
you visit us or the uk site and view the top 100 women voted so far. we
don't have much pictures yet. we're still gathering more. *smirks*

yeah you're right about sigs. some people have given comments about it. but
hey, i'm just new in the working world. i gotta advertise for potential
employers. hahahaha!!!!

to all zope users:
thank you for making zope easier to use... by helping each other out. i will
also try to assist others with their problems.

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Fritz Mesedilla wrote:
> hahaha! but most of the websites in my email signature are in zope with
> www.femalenetwork.com, www.cosmo.com.ph, www.smartparenting.com.ph,
> www.shopcrazy.com.ph
> the others will be zoped in months time.

*grinz* If only you could get www.fhm.com to be Zope hosted, that way I
browse the, urm, pictures, and have the exucse that I'm 'testing out Zope'

> i'm thankful for people like you to help me. this is a great list. i think
> it has evolved into a community.

Well, this is just one way that the Zope community expresses itself. Tehre
websites and the conferences are really good fun if you ca never make it
one :-)


Chris (who doesn't approve of long sig files, check out how long mine is:)